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SCOTT STORM, Filmmaker.

Scott Storm resides in Los Angeles and is the writer/director/animator of the critically acclaimed short film 'THE APPLE TREE' (2015).  He is also the director of three feature films, 'BURN' (1998), 'TEN TIL NOON' (2006) and the music documentary 'WE RUN SH*T' (2012), co-directed with Michael Rogers. 


He began his journey as a filmmaker in 1981, making a short film in claymation that dealt with international politics. He was foolish enough to attempt feature length work in the format of Super-8 film as well as another short animation called 'NIGHT OF THE LIVING FOOD'. None of these films has ever been seen by the masses but much was learned.


In other early work, Storm has had the pleasure of directing Andrea Roth (Rescue Me, Rogue, Ascension), Fred Armisen (Saturday Night Live, Portlandia), David Hayter (Watchmen, X-Men, Metal Gear Solid) and 'THE APPLE TREE' composer Joe Kraemer. He continues to dream big.












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